BLT Ports and Marine Services Ltd (BLTNG) ®
The Bollard Load Testing equipment is the result of over two years research, development and testing by our marine engineering specialists who have designed a fully calibrated, and easily deployable way of testing the strength of marine bollards.

The equipment is fully transportable and uses a powerful hydraulic cylinder and custom designed dyneema to recreate more than 100 tonnes of ‘pull’.

The breakthrough replaces the traditional method of a tug pulling against the bollard, a method that has previously caused damage to vessels and can be dangerous to the people involved.

The development of the equipment is the result of the UK’s Port of Tyne seeking a solution to test the integrity and safety of their quayside bollards when previous enquiries elsewhere had not provided anything fit for purpose.

We are proud that the manufacture of the equipment is North East of England based which is great for the region and the market for this kit and service is global.